Fall in California

I headed to the southeast, uttering and trampling everything that I’ve ever learned about people, their crossroad, tragic breakdown or natural aging. I left behind the theory of changing forms (beings and things). Still going toward the southeast, walking on my tippy-toes, I come across thoughts about the destiny of people I knew in the course of this life as it was, until now, and meant be.

The thoughts are hazy and definite/warm and cold. At the same time. Harsh. Like in a Dream. Switching to Denial mode, I feel Hands on My back. They Create an Expectation. False hope. Mess. And. self-Deception. Long Line of thoughts. Unbreakable.

They are separate from me. No, I would not be surprised if I see the spirits on the walls in front of me, walking, like in the old dramas, because the bigger and improbable “miracles” happen to me and around me. The mystery was playing out and terrifying doom around.

Frozen icy wind saying instead roaring, the old worn truths:

Do not believe what you see. Do not believe what you read. Do not believe what you hear. Believe only what you feel.

But…feelings are complex, multidimensional, interpersonal. So, I stop. Take a deep breath. Turn around. And. Change direction.

…you’ll understand. deep in the marrow of your masculine core, you already know that I didn’t come to you to play safe and pass the time, simple scoring goals…